Winter Meeting 2018

wednesday december 16th

titanic, belfast

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 Titanic with Sign WO


14:30 - 14:35   Opening of CTN supporting CTG meeting   Alistair Nichol, University College Dublin / St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin
Current CTN and CTG Endorsed Studies Updates
14:35   REST   Danny McAuley, Queens University Belfast
14:55   PHARLAP   Alistair Nichol, UCD/SVUH
15:05   PEPTIC   Kathy Brickell, UCD/SVUH
15:25   TAME   Alistair Nichol, UCD/SVUH
New ICC-CTN Studies
15:55   TTM2   Niklas Nielsen, Lund University, Sweden)
16:05   EPO-Trauma   Alistair Nichol, UCD/SVUH
16:15   TEAM   Kathy Brickell, UCD/SVUH
16:25   REALIST / PHINDS   Danny McAuley, Queens University Belfast
16:35    Poise III   Ger Curley, Beaumont Hospital/ RCSI

ICC Research Nurses Group Update  
16:45   ICC Research Nurses Group Update   Kathy Brickell, UCD/SVUH
Current CTN Supported Studies
16:50   STARRT-AKI   Alistair Nichol / Danny McAuley
17:00   SPICE III   Kathy Brickell, UCD/SVUH
17:10   WEANSAFE   John Laffey, UHG / NUIG
17:20   REMAP-CAP   Lennie Derde, UMC Utrecht
17:30   Closing Remarks    
TAME / TTM2 Biobank Meeting
17:35   Limited to TAME / TTM2 Investigators    
18:30   Close